Brand Guidelines

Welcome to our hub for partner guidelines and assets. We want to make it easy for you to integrate Plays in your app while respecting our brand.


Please follow our usage guidelines and do not edit or distort the Plays logo.
The Plays logo should only be used against a light or dark background.

Usage Guidelines

Exclusion Zone

Make sure there is enough spacing between the logo and any surrounding elements.

Minimum Size

The horizontal Plays logo should never be smaller than 120px wide.

The vertical Plays logo should never be smaller than 80px wide.

The Plays logo mark should never be smaller than 16px wide.


DruidHex: #14B3B2
RGB: 20, 179, 178
GoldHex: #EFAF2B
RGB: 20, 179, 178
PoppyHex: #E85A5A
RGB: 20, 179, 178
SoldierHex: #578DDD
RGB: 20, 179, 178
NecromancerHex: #25272E
RGB: 20, 179, 178
ObsidianHex: #31333E
RGB: 20, 179, 178
PowderHex: #DBDAE1
RGB: 20, 179, 178
SaltHex: #F2F3F7
RGB: 20, 179, 178